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December 20 2014

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Lauren Cohan photographed by Mary Rozzi for ContentMode magazine

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Misty moonlight


Saying that “no-one will love you before you love yourself” is bullshit and paints depressed/mentally ill people as unlovable for having self esteem issues.

It is totally possible to love someone who doesn’t love themselves and actually it can really help them. What ISN’T helpful is treating them like crap because of maladaptive thinking processes that they can’t even help.

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On her first gesture in the name of love…
"I had an argument with someone once and he was deliberately not answering my calls so I drove over to his house. I knew he was home so I climbed over the fence and essentially broke in. I don’t think that’s a grand gesture of love, maybe it’s just trespassing."

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"[Actors] are all narcissists. Every single one, I promise you. To have that verve, to get up and want to be watched. It comes from a place either you were denied that attention as a child, or you were given lots of it and want more. Which is where I stand.”

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Inception (2010)


There’s no joy like getting to close all the windows and tabs of research you had open once you’re finally done with a paper.

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" Father, forgive me. I don’t deserve your mercy. I prayed for safe passage from Atlanta and you provided. I prayed for Ed to be punished for laying his hands on me and for looking at his own daughter with whatever sickness was growing in his soul. I prayed you’d put a stop to it, give me a chance to raise her right, help her not make my mistakes. She’s so fearful. She’s so young in her way. She hasn’t had a chance. Praying for Ed’s death was a sin. Please, don’t let this be my punishment. Let her be safe, alive and safe. Please, lord. Punish me however you want, but show mercy on her. "

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Everyone I have cared for has either died, or left me. Everyone fucking except for you!


we wish you a merry christmas

we wish you a merry christmas


and a happy new year

December 19 2014

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WE ARE GROUNDERS PT. 1 OR 2? requested by phoenixsjoaquin

Dying in a fight you can’t win isn’t brave, Bellamy. It’s stupid. Spoken like every coward who’s ever run from a fight.


i used to be so picky about what i post and reblog but it’s just slowly deteriorated into a state of “why not”

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This is my house. I have to defend it.

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